The 2020's upheaval - a word of caution

These days I'm watching an astonishing number of folks show interest in taking their ideas and making them a reality. That reality eventually becomes the basis for a digital footprint - the socials, a website and some product and (or) service. Depending on where you dollars take you, I want to caution all the young paduwans against putting actual money into social. Why?

First. The algorithms aren't meant for new users, even with a viral moment. Even with the rare exception that you find the equivalent of a Bilal Göregen type video, replicating that over time become difficult. Just ask Mr Beast.

Second, the LARGE players of gatekeepers that house the users you're targeting and hoping to see your work are all in possession of smartphones. When Apple gives users the ability to restrict what Meta can see about you that makes all the money you've poured not mean anything at all.

Third, becoming an "influencer" is like becoming a streaming gamer. It doesn't shut off, and there's tons of snake oil that's being sold. Just look for any influencer peddling a crypto coin or NFT - I'm looking at you: Jake Paul, Floyd Mayweather, Candace Owens. If you have a real thing or service to sell then you'll be all the things as you build up the business, but the necessity to become a creator will outweigh your entrepreneurial endeavor quickly and without hesitation before you know it.

Tread lightly paduwan and outsource the work.

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