Hidden Costs: API edition

We're currently in the process of helping an insurance agency with their CRM evaluation. One of the items that has come up are costs. An agency that we used to work with did not do a good job of outlining the comprehensive costs associated with work. You pay $50K for a functioning mobile application, one would expect that to be the end of it.

However, the APIs and the use of that feature's APIs (Ex: Open Weather) found it's way to the bottom line of the owner of the application, not the agency. So, when the SMS (from Twilio) was required by the CRM provider we used that as a validation or non-validation of whether the company has good practices. They have great practices, because it would've been super easy for them NOT to outline the true costs of the integrations on the platform.

Here's the point, in today's environment, the future of any business and the automations/integrations required to make business work are glued together by code. That code costs money to use, as it should. The flipside? Any organization should be asking questions as to what the "glue" is that is giving all the wonderful functionality. That example above, over the weather API, was used by an organization that had field workers. It was a practical request. It was also a hidden cost.

Make it your business to uncover all the angles. Give us the opportunity to work for you as we evaluate those angles.

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